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  • 2U reinforced solid array system RCV-IV-U23T-MI

    2U reinforced solid array system RCV-IV-U23T-MI

    2U reinforced solid array is an innovated storage system. It provides high availability by small and energy saving Modular Packaging. Remarkable performance and excellent data throughput support the most strict business applications. Its outstanding flexibilty enables it to be an ideal storage platform and support the whole day application for the industrial and military environment. Besides this, the array also has great scalability, a wide range of server support and flexible Virtualization capabilities, all of which help to simplify the storage environment.

  • 1U reinforced solid array system

    1U reinforced solid array system

    1U reinforced solid array system has industry-lead random and continuous performance, its extensive expandability can satisfy the requirements of customers in capacity, performance, heterogeneous connection at present and in the future, no complete upgrading is needed. In the environment of business decision-making closely related to IT events nowadays, RunCore's top-grade service would satisfy your rigorous demands, ,1U reinforce solid array lay a good foundation for adaptive Infrastructure of quick manage and administration change.1U reinforced solid array's extensive and powerful function will bring the good flexibility for enterprise, guarante timely response to business needs.Through integrating with efficient management and convenient operation, it can achieve information protection in a quite high level.

  • E-Drive SSD

    E-Drive SSD

    ·?PCIe Standard interface ·?High-performance electronic storage devices ·?Provide high-performance,huge- capacity and high-reliable storage solution ·?MTBF can be 1,000 million hours ·?Provide 4GB-2TB different capacity and 100-600MB/s R/W rate.

  • 2.5” EliteⅡ  PATA  SSD

    2.5” EliteⅡ PATA SSD

    ·?2.5"IDE interface
    ·?Wide operation temperature,wonderful shock resistance
    ·?Compatible with ATA-7 protocal and support PIO-4\ MWDMA-2 and UDMA-6 transfer rate
    ·?Low power consumption
    ·?For different application types and budgets , we can provide two programs basic needs and enhanced
    ·?Enable to correct 24b random mistakes in 1024b.
    ·?It is widely used in the reinforcement of computer\ industrial control computer \ embedded computer and notional defense fields .

  • Kylin 2.5 SAS SSD

    Kylin 2.5 SAS SSD

    ?· 2.5"SAS interface
    ?· Serial Attached SCSI-2(SAS-2) Standard. Compatible with SATA-Ⅱ(3.0Gb/s)
    ?· SAS interface SSD owns the common advantages of SATA and SCSI
    ?· Low power consumption
    ?· Wonderful shock resistance and compatibility
    ?· Enable to correct 24b random mistakes in 1024b.
    ?· Application fileds: Server or Disk array


        Founded in 2007, Runcore is a national high-tech enterprise based on strong specialties such as electrical engineering, computer science and automation of National University of Defense technology. It is a good-quality supplier in the field of high-reliability solid-state memory and a  provider of solid-state memory products and the solutions for the special environmental field.

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